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Paulina Kewes (NHC Fellow, 2002–03)

Project Title

The Staging of History in Early Modern England

Aberystwyth University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2002–03

Paulina Kewes wrote three chapters of her book on The Staging of History in Early Modern England and completed primary and secondary reading towards that project. She wrote several articles including "Contemporary Europe in Renaissance Drama," forthcoming in Shakespeare and Renaissance Europe, ed. Andrew Hadfield and Paul Hammond, Arden Critical Companions series (Nelson, 2004); "Acts of Oblivion, Acts of Remembrance: Rhetoric, Law, and National Memory in Restoration England," forthcoming in Ritual, Routine, and Regime: Institutions of Repetition in Euro-American Cultures, 1650-1832, ed. Lorna Clymer (University of Toronto Press, 2004); and "Dryden's Theatre and the Passions of Politics," forthcoming in the Cambridge Companion to John Dryden, ed. Steven N. Zwicker (Cambridge University Press, 2004). She also wrote reviews of Nicholas Grene's Shakespeare's Serial History Plays and Joseph Loewenstein's The Author's Due: Printing and the Prehistory of Copyright for the Review of English Studies, and a review of Richard Dutton's Licensing, Censorship and Authorship in Early Modern England for Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Theater Research. Kewes was Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth; she has accepted a new position as Fellow and Tutor in English at Jesus College, Oxford.