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Peter A. Coclanis (NHC Fellow, 1996–97)

Project Title

Distant Thunder: The Creation of a World Market in Rice and the Transformation it Wrought (c. 1700-1920)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1996–97

Peter A. Coclanis concentrated on researching and writing a book about the creation of an integrated world market in rice between 1700 and 1920. He published two articles—"The American Civil War in Economic Perspective: Basic Questions and Some Answers" in Southern Cultures (Winter 1996) and "The Stature of Citadel Cadets, 1880-1940: An Anthropometric View of the New South" (with John Komlos) in South Carolina Historical Magazine. Two others will appear shortly: "On the 'Puzzling' Cycle in the Biological Standard of Living: The Case of Ante-bellum Georgia" (with John Komlos) in Evplorations in Economic History and '"The Tennessee Test of Manhood': Professional Wrestling and Southern Cultural Stereotypes" (with Louis Kyria-koudes) in Southern Cultures. In addition, he wrote three entries for the forthcoming Handbook of North Carolina History (University of North Carolina Press) and contributed an essay on the task system of slave-labor organization for a forthcoming festschrift honoring Eugene D. Genovese.