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Scott Cook (NHC Fellow, 2005–06)

Project Title

Reinterpreting the Confucian Tradition in the Light of Newly Excavated Manuscripts

Grinnell College

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2005–06

Scott Cook completed the translation and wrote most of the general introduction for his book The Bamboo Texts of Guodian: A Study and Complete Translation. He wrote the introduction and final chapter and completed final work on his book Guodian Chujian xian-Qin rushu hongweiguan [The pre-imperial Confucian texts of Guodian: Broad and focused perspectives] (Taipei: Xuesheng shuju, 2006). He also wrote a paper titled "Cong Chuci yunli kan Guodian Chujian 'Yucong 4' " [The Guodian text "Yucong 4" from the perspective of Chuci rhyming] that he presented at the Disijie xian-Qin liang-Han xueshu guoji yantaohui: shangxia qiusuo—Chuci de wenxue yishu yu wenhua guanzhao [Fourth international conference on pre-Qin and Han academics: literary, artistic, and cultural reflections on the Chuci], hosted by the Chinese Department of Furen University in Taipei. It was included in the volume of proceedings of the conference and was also published in the journal Xian-Qin liang-Han xueshu [Pre-Qin and Han academics] (Taipei) (no. 5, 2006). An abbreviated version of this article will appear in the journal Jianbo [Bamboo and Silk] (Shanghai) (no. 1, 2006), under the title "Guodian Chujian 'Yucong 4' pian yundu xinjie sanze" [Three new readings for the Guodian text "Yucong 4"]. In addition, he revised an article, "The Use and Abuse of History in Early China: From Xun Zi to Lüshi chunqiu," forthcoming in the journal Asia Major (vol. 18, no.1), and wrote a review of Material Virtue: Ethics and the Body in Early China, by Mark Csikszentmihalyi, forthcoming in Early China (vol. 30).