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Nancy Yousef (NHC Fellow, 2006–07)

Project Title

Intimacy: Sympathetic Endeavor in Ethics, Narrative, and Psychoanalysis

Bernard M. Baruch College of The City University of New York

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2006–07

Nancy Yousef revised the first part and completed research for the second part of her book Intimacy: Sympathetic Endeavor in Ethics and Psychoanalysis. She completed an essay on "The Poverty of Charity: Dickensian Sympathy" that will appear in Contemporary Dickens, a collection of essays in honor of Steven Marcus (Ohio State University Press), and another, "Can Julie Be Trusted? Rousseau and the Crisis of Constancy in Eighteenth-Century Ethics," for a collection on Theory and Practice in Enlightenment Philosophy (Pickering and Chatto). She also wrote a book review for History Workshop Journal.