Temma Kaplan (NHC Fellow, 1992–93)

Project Title

Political Cultures and Women's Political Action

Barnard College of Columbia University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1992–93

Temma Kaplan drafted a number of chapters for Making Spectacles of Themselves: Political Culture and Women's Political Action (University of Califor-nia Press). These include "Ritual and Resistance in the Aba Women's War"; "Pots and Pans Will Break Your Bones: Chile Under Allende"; "Calling the Shots: The Television War in Love Canal"; "Environmental Racism in Harlem and Warren County"; "Mothers and Human Rights in Argentina"; and "Finding Shelter at Crossroad, South Africa. " She also sketched out an essay tentatively called "Environmental Action and Social Citizenship in Comparative Perspective" that will appear in an edited volume, Redefining Motherhood (University of New England Press).