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Grace Elizabeth Hale (NHC Fellow, 2002–03)

Project Title

Rebel, Rebel: Outsiders in America, 1945-2000

University of Virginia

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2002–03

Grace Elizabeth Hale wrote the introduction and four of six chapters for her book Rebel, Rebel: Outsiders in America, 1945-2000. She also wrote a number of articles, including: "Invisible Men: William Faulkner, His Contemporaries, and the Politics of Loving and Hating the South in the Civil Rights Era, or How Does a Rebel Rebel?" in William Faulkner and His Contemporaries, ed. Donald Kartiganer (University of Mississippi Press, forthcoming); "Riding on the Train: Segregation and the Problem of Middle Class Travelers," in the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture, 2nd ed., ed. Charles Reagan Wilson (University of North Carolina Press, forthcoming, 2004); "Review of Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America," an exhibit at the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, May 1-December 21, 2002, in the Journal of American History (fall 2002); "Whiteness in America," for Blackwell Publishing's History Compass Web site (forthcoming, 2003); and "How the Rebel Romance Swallowed the Left, or Why Even Allen Ginsberg Can't Change the World," which she submitted to journals for review.