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Christopher Melchert (NHC Fellow, 2014–15)

Project Title

The Early History of Islamic Asceticism

University of Oxford

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2014–15

Christopher Melchert completed over half of his book Before Sufism: The Early History of Islamic Piety and several articles including “Why Non-Muslim Subjects Are to Pay the jizya,” forthcoming among selected papers of the 27th Congress of the Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants; “The Early Controversy Over Whether the Prophet Saw God” for Arabica; “Bukhārī’s kitāb tafsīr al-Qur’ān”; most of “Early Female Muslim Renunciants (8th–9th centuries CE)”; and “Ibn Māja” for The Encyclopaedia of Islam, 3rd ed.