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Marjorie Curry Woods (NHC Fellow, 1999–00)

Project Title

Rhetoric in the Medieval Classroom

The University of Texas at Austin

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1999–00

Marjorie Curry Woods revised three chapters of her book, Rhetoric in the Medieval Classroom: The Commentaries on the 'Poetria Nova' and completed four essays, all of which are forthcoming: "The Teaching of Poetic Composition in the Later Middle Ages," in A Short History of Writing Instruction: Antecedents of American Composition Practices, edited by James J. Murphy (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates); "Innocent III As a Rhetorical Figure," in Innocenzo III; Urbs et Orbis (Nuovi Studi Storici); "Boys Will Be Women: Musings on Classroom Nostalgia and the Chaucerian Audience(s)," in Speaking Images: Essays in Honor of V. A. Kolve, edited by Charlotte Cook Morse and Robert F. Yeager (Pegasus Press); and "Weeping for Dido: Epilogue on a Premodern Rhetorical Exercise in the Postmodern Classroom," in Latin Grammar and Rhetoric: Classical Theory and Medieval Practice, edited by Carol Dana Lanham.