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Wilfrid R. Prest (NHC Fellow, 1998–99)

Project Title

Going to Law in Early Modern England

University of Adelaide

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1998–99

Wilfrid R. Prest wrote two chapters, entitled "Introduction: Studying Britain" and "Albion Descendant? British History in Austral(as)ia and the History of Austral(as)ians," for British Studies into the Twenty-First Century: Perspectives and Practices (forthcoming from Australian Scholarly Publishing, 1999), which he also edited. He wrote a chapter on "Lay Legal Knowledge in Eighteenth-Century England," to be included in Learning the Law, edited by J. Bush and A. Wiffels (forthcoming from Hambledon Press, 1999). He also wrote a commissioned article on "Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780)," for the New Dictionary of National Biography, edited by Colin Matthews (forthcoming from Oxford University Press, 2003), and a commissioned review article on "Law, Lawyers and Litigation," to appear in the Journal of British Studies (University of Chicago Press, for the North American Conference on British Studies). He gave a Kane Lecture in Legal History, on "Law and Dinner in Early Modern England," at the University of Kansas Law School, and a lecture entitled "Albion Descendant? British Studies into the Twenty-First Century," at the inaugural meeting of the Ohio British Studies Seminar under the auspices of the Department of History, and the Office of International Studies and West European Studies Program, at The Ohio State University. He attended the North American Conference on British Studies, in Colorado Springs; the annual meetings of the American Society for Legal History (Seattle) and the American Historical Association (Washington, D.C.); and a conference on "Law, Culture, and the Humanities," at Wake Forest University.