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Anna Christina Ribeiro (NHC Fellow, 2013–14)

Project Title

Poetry: Philosophical Thoughts on an Ancient Practice

Texas Tech University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2013–14

Anna Christina Ribeiro made substantial progress on her book Poetry: Philosophical Thoughts on an Ancient Practice and published two of the chapters: “The Spoken and the Written: An Ontology of Poems” in The Philosophy of Poetry, and “Heavenly Hurt: The Joy and Value of Sad Poetry” in Suffering Art Gladly: The Paradox of Negative Emotion in Art. She completed an entry on “Poetry” for the second edition of The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics. She also contributed “The Philosophical Importance of Aesthetics” to a philosophy blog, and began work on several papers: “The Excitement of Aesthetics,” “The Mona Lisa or Your Life,” “Memento Mori Art and the Art of Memento Mori,” and “Conceptions of Art and the Intentionalism Debate.”