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Robert O. Keohane (NHC Fellow, 1995–96)

Project Title

Contested Commitments in United States Foreign Policy

Harvard University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1995–96

Robert O. Keohane concentrated on his book manuscript on Commitments in United States Foreign Policy, 1778-1989, reworking three chapters, writing three new chapters, and researching another. He proofed two volumes that he has co-edited—lnternationalization and Domestic Politics (with Helen V. Milner, Cambridge University Press, 1995) and Institutions for Environmental Aid (with Marc A. Levy, MIT Press, 1996). He co-authored, with Barbara Connolly, an article on "Institutions for Environmental Aid: Politics, Lessons, and Opportunities" that appeared in the June 1996 issue of Environment Magazine, and with Celeste A. Wallander he wrote a paper, "Why Does NATO Persist?" for a conference on Security Institutions that he co-convened at the Free University of Berlin in May.