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Daphne Patai (NHC Fellow, 1990–91)

Project Title

Gendermania: Male and Female Power in Utopian Fiction

University of Massachusetts Amherst

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1990–91

Daphne Patai revised three chapters of On Becoming Human: The Utopian Fiction of Katharine Burdekin and drafted two chapters of Gendermania: Male and Female Power in Utopian Fiction. She saw through press a volume that she is coediting, Women's Words: The Feminist Practice of Oral History (Routledge, 1991), and she began, with Angela Ingram, to edit British Radicals: Forgotten Women Writers 18891939 (University of North Carolina Press, 1992), for which they wrote "Fantasy and Identity: The Double Life of a Victorian Sexual Radical." She worked on a number of other essays that will appear in 1992: "Power, Transparent and Opague: From the Panopticon to the Tower of Glass" (American Literary History); "The View from Elsewhere: Utopian Constructions of 'Difference"' (a special issue of Bucknell Review on new directions in feminist criticism); "Katharine Burdekin and the Politics of Neglect" (Gender and Literary Reputation: The Reception of Women Writers); "Utopia in the Classroom: An Overview" (The Pedagogy of Possibility: Utopia in the Classroom, Syracuse University Press); "'But Will It Sell?' Reflections on Brazilian Literature in Translation" (Translation and Cross-Cultural Studies). For Translation Review she revised an essay previously published in Portuguese — "Translating Jorge de Sena" — and she revised the introduction to her translation of Florisa Verucci's "Women and the New Brazilian Constitution," which appears in the Autumn 1991 issue of Feminist Studies.