Matthew Morse Booker, 2016–2017 | National Humanities Center

Matthew Morse Booker (Vice President for Scholarly Programs; NHC Fellow, 2016–17)

Project Title

The Oyster and the City: The Rise and Fall of the Edible City, 1870-1930

North Carolina State University

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Matthew Booker

Fellowship Work Summary, 2016–17

Matthew Morse Booker completed a chapter for his book The Rise and Fall of the Edible City, 1870–1930. He also revised a chapter "Who Should Be Responsible for Food Safety?" for Food Fights: How the Past Matters to Contemporary Food Debates, edited by Matthew Morse Booker and Charles Ludington (University of North Carolina Press, forthcoming) and completed "The Atlantic Origins of American Food Regulations" for a special issue of Global Environment (forthcoming). In addition, he developed the online application "Oysters in Industrial Manhattan, a Spatial History" with Chelsea Piccone.