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Jinhua Chen (NHC Fellow, 2013–14)

Project Title

Sacred Bone: Relic-Worship in Medieval China

The University of British Columbia

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2013–14

Jinhua Chen worked on several chapters for forthcoming volumes he coedited including “The Making and Remaking of a Sacred Site in Medieval China: A Case Study on the Basis of the Shicheng Stone Image” in Sacred Space and Spatial Sacredness: The Composition and Development of the Spatial Factors in Medieval Chinese Religions; “Faya (?–629), a ‘Villain-Monk’ Brought Down by a Villain-General: A Forgotten Page in the History of Sui-Tang Monastic Warfare and State-Samgha Relations” in Samgha and State in Medieval East Asia; and “A Rediscovered Page in the Sui-Tang Vinaya History: The Vinaya Tradition at the Twin Chanding Monasteries” in Vinaya Texts and Transmission History: New Perspectives and Methods. He also wrote “Zibo Zhenke (1543–1603) and the Yunju Temple” in Mingdai fojiao yu Beijing; “Who Is ‘He’?: A Reconstruction of the Life of a Sixth-Century Monk Misidentified as a Disciple of the Second Chan Patriarch Huike (487–593), with Special Reference to His Religious Background” for inclusion in a volume of conference proceedings; and “From Central Asia to Southern China: The Formation of Identity and Network in the Meditative Traditions of 5th-6th-Century Southern China (420–589)” for Fudan Journal.