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Susan Guettel Cole (NHC Fellow, 1996–97)

Project Title

Gendered Ritual in the Ancient Greek Polis

University at Buffalo

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1996–97

Susan Guettel Cole devoted her time to a book provisionally entitled Gendered Landscape and Ritual Space in the Greek Polis, writing two new chapters and extensively revising earlier ones. "Boundarylands of Artemis," a shorter version of one of the chapters, has been submitted to Classical World for a special issue on the organization of space in ancient Greece. Another essay which she adapted from her book will appear as "Domesticating Artemis" in The Sacred Feminine in Ancient Greece, edited by S. Blundell and M. Williamson (Routledge, 1997). She contributed "Demeter and Persephone" to the Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion (Macmillan) and reviewed Robert Parker's Athenian Religion, A History for the American Journal of Philology.