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Bernard M. Levinson (NHC Fellow, 2010–11)

Project Title

Revelation and Redaction: The Role of Intellectual Models in Biblical Studies

University of Minnesota

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2010–11

Bernard M. Levinson wrote "Gab es eine Bundestheologische Redaktion des Deuteronomiums?" to appear in Viele Wege zu dem Einen: Historische Bibelkritik—Die Vitalität der Glaubensüberlieferung in der Moderne (Neukirchener Verlag, forthcoming 2011); "The Development of the Jewish Bible: Critical Reflections upon the Concept of a 'Jewish Bible' and on the Idea of Its 'Development' " for What Is Bible? (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, forthcoming 2011); "Esarhaddon's Succession Treaty as the Source for the Canon Formula in Deuteronomy 13:1," published in the Journal of the American Oriental Society (2010); and, as coauthor, "The King James Bible at 400: Scripture, Statecraft, and the American Founding" for a special supplement of the History Channel Magazine (2010).