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Jonathan Riley (NHC Fellow, 2002–03)

Project Title

Pluralistic Liberalisms: Berlin, Rawls, and Mill

Tulane University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2002–03

Jonathan Riley wrote a chapter entitled "Isaiah Berlin's Liberalism and American Pragmatism" for his ongoing book project Pluralistic Liberalisms: A Perspective on the Liberal Tradition since Mill; part of this chapter also forms an article, currently under consideration at a professional journal. He wrote "Interpreting Mill's Qualitative Hedonism" for Philosophical Quarterly 53 (July 2003); "Mill's Liberal Utilitarian Doctrine of Free Speech," forthcoming in Utilitas; "Constitutional Government," forthcoming in Handbook of Political Theory, edited by J. Gaus and C. Kukathas (London: Sage, 2004); and four other articles that are currently under consideration at professional journals: "Mill on Higher Pleasures: A Defence," "Freedom of Expression in Mill's Liberalism," "Rights, Compossibility and the Measurement of Freedom," and "Rights, Liberties and Paretian Liberalism."