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James Engell (NHC Fellow, 2010–11)

Project Title

Coleridge, A Divided Life Reconciled

Harvard University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2010–11

James Engell made substantial progress on his book Coleridge, A Divided Self Reconciled. He also wrote the foreword for Wordsworth's "Prelude": Places in the Poet's Mind Then and Now, and "Wordsworth" for the Virgil Encyclopedia; revised "A Physician Not a Metaphysician: Thoreau's Diagnoses of the Heart" for Literary Studies in Human Flourishing; worked on an essay about Samuel Johnson and Sir Walter Scott and their biographers James Boswell and John Lockhart for a volume to be published by the Huntington Library Press; and completed entries on "Imagination" and "Fancy" for the Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics.