T. H. Breen (NHC Fellow, 1983–84; 1995–96) | National Humanities Center

T. H. Breen (NHC Fellow, 1983–84; 1995–96)

Project Title, 1983–84

A Social and Cultural History of Early America, 1607-1763

Northwestern University

Project Title, 1995–96

An Empire of Goods

Northwestern University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1995–96

T. H. Breen focused on a number of the chapters of his next book, Baubles of Britain, a study of the eighteenth-century consumer marketplace and the American Revolution. He finished two forthcoming journal articles— “Mr. Locke’s Colonial Disciples: Restoring an American Public Philosophy” and “Revisions Once More in Need of Revising: Political Ideology and Nationalism in Anglo-American Context, 1740-1790.”