Harris Feinsod, 2019–2020

Project Title:

Into Steam: The Global Imaginaries of Maritime Modernism

Northwestern University

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Harris Feinsod

Fellowship Work Summary

Harris Feinsod (Ruth W. and A. Morris Williams, Jr. Fellow) drafted two chapters of his book project Into Steam: The Worlds of Maritime Modernism, and conducted primary research for three additional chapters. He also completed the article “World Poetry: Commonplaces of an Idea” for a special issue of Modern Language Quarterly on “Literary History after the Nation.” An article “Postindustrial Waterfront Redevelopment and … Comparative Literary History?” is forthcoming in Comparative Literature’s special issue on “Beaches and Ports,” and a catalogue essay “Return to Goya No. 9,” (on Enrique Chagoya) is forthcoming in Who Says, Who Shows, What Counts: Thinking About History with the Block’s Collection (Northwestern University Press, 2020). Finally, he delivered the C.D. Wright Memorial Lecture at Brown University, which forms the seed of a new book project on contemporary poetry of the hemispheric Americas. Feinsod is associate professor of English and comparative literary studies at Northwestern University.