Charles Capper (NHC Fellow, 1994–95; 2002–03) | National Humanities Center

Charles Capper (NHC Fellow, 1994–95; 2002–03)

Project Title, 1994–95

Margaret Fuller: The Public Years

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Project Title, 2002–03

The Transcendentalist Moment: Romantic Intellect and America's Democratic Awakening

Boston University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1994–95

Charles Capper concentrated on Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life; he saw through press the paperback edition of Volume 1, The Private Years, originally published by Oxford University Press in 1994, and drafted two chapters of Volume 2, The Public Years. He completed revisions for the third edition of the two-volume The American Intellectual Tradition: A Sourcebook (with David A. Hollinger) forthcoming from Oxford University Press in 1996. He completed an essay on “Transcendentalism” to appear in A Companion to American Thought (Basil Blackwell, 1995), edited by Richard Wightman Fox and James T. Kloppenberg.

Fellowship Work Summary, 2002–03

Charles Capper wrote three chapters of his book Margaret Fuller: An American Romantic Life, Vol. 2, The Public Years (Oxford University Press, forthcoming) and one chapter of another book, The Transcendental Moment: Romantic Intellect and America’s Democratic Awakening. In addition, he completed the introduction and editing of essays for a volume called Margaret Fuller: Between Europe and America, a collection of papers from an international conference on Margaret Fuller, held at the American Academy in Rome in 2000 (to be published by University of Wisconsin Press). He coedited the Intellectual History Newsletter, vol. 24 (2002), and cofounded and coedited the journal Modern Intellectual History (Cambridge University Press, 2002‑). He co-led (with Andrew Delbanco) the Lilly Seminar on Religion and American Culture.