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John Monfasani (NHC Fellow, 2011–12)

Project Title

A Three-Volume Study of the Plato-Aristotle Controversy of the Fifteenth Century

University at Albany

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2011–12

John Monfasani made final preparations for Bessarion Scholasticus: A Study of Cardinal Bessarion's Latin Library (2012); made major progress on his edition of Cardinal Bessarion's Liber Defensionum; and completed the edition of Giovanni Gatti, OP's treatise in refutation of George of Trebizond. He revised an edition and English translation of George's Protectio Problematum Aristotelis; completed an edition of and prepared the English translation for George's Comparatio Philosophorum Platonis et Aristotelis; and made progress on his edition of George of Trebizond's Latin translation of Eusebius of Caesaria's Praeparatio Evangelica. He revised and completed "The Greeks and Humanism" for Humanism in Fifteenth-Century Europe (2012); wrote "Erasmus and the Philosophers" to appear in the 2012 Erasmus of Rotterdam Society Yearbook; and made progress on "Diodorus Siculus" for the Catalogus Translationum et Commentariorum.