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Richard Lim (NHC Fellow, 2002–03)

Project Title

The World Continues: Public Spectacles and Civic Transformation in Late Antiquity

Smith College

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2002–03

Richard Lim drafted three chapters for his book project, tentatively titled A World Continues: Christianity and Roman Spectacles in Five Late Antique Cities. He made final preparations of a book manuscript, The Past Before Us: The Historiographies of Late Antiquity for the New Millennium, a volume of collected essays coedited with Carole Straw, under contract with Bibliothèque de l'Antiquité Tardive and Brepols. He finished writing several articles for publication, including "Augustine, Grammarians and the Cultural Authority of Virgil" in Romane memento: Vergil in the Fourth Century, ed. Roger Ree (Routledge, 2002); "Converting the Unchristianizable: The Baptism of Stage Performers in Late Antiquity" in Seeing Is Believing: Conversion in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, ed. Kenneth Mills (University of Rochester Press, 2003); "Late Antiquity" in Edinburgh Companion to Classical Studies, ed. Edward Bispham, Tom Harrison, and Brian Sparkes (University of Edinburgh Press, forthcoming); and "The Gods of Empire" in Cambridge Illustrated History of the Roman World, ed. Greg Woolf (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). He also wrote several book reviews including David Rohrbacher, The Historians of Late Antiquity, to be published in the New England Classical Journal; Theresa Urbainczyk, Theodoret of Cyrrhus: The Bishop and the Holy Man, forthcoming in Biography; and Ralph W. Mathisen and Danuta Shanzer, eds., Society and Culture in Late Antique Gaul: Revisiting the Sources, forthcoming in Speculum.