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Jean Bethke Elshtain (Trustee; NHC Fellow, 2000–01)

Project Title

Sovereign God, Sovereign State, Sovereign Self

The University of Chicago

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2000–01

Jean Bethke Elshtain worked on a book, Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy, and edited a companion volume, The Jane Addams Reader (both forthcoming from Basic Books [2001]), and contributed a chapter, "Faith of Our Fathers and Mothers," for a volume entitled Religion in American Public Life, which she co-authored with Aziza al-Hibri and Charles Haynes. She wrote a number of other book chapters and essays, including "Public Moral Appeals and Identification," in Freedom, Power and Political Morality, edited by Ian Carter and Mario Ricciardi (Polgrove, 2001); "Abraham Lincoln and the Last Best Hope," in The Second One Thousand Years, edited by Richard John Neuhaus (Eerdmans, 2001); "Politics and Forgiveness," in Burying the Past: Making Peace and Doing Justice after Civil Conflict, edited by Nigel Biggar (Georgetown University Press, 2001); "Exporting Feminism," in Gender Perspectives on Peace and Conflict Studies, edited by Karin H. Karame and Torunn L. Tryggenstad (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, 2000); "Bonhoeffer and the Sovereign State," in Politics and Public Policy: A Christian Response, edited by T. Demy and Gary Steward (Kregel, 2000); "Commentary on Privacy, Privation and Perversion," in Provoking Feminisms, edited by Carolyn Adden and Judith Howards (University of Chicago Press, 2000); "The Clinton Scandal and the Culture of the Therapeutic," in What's God Got to Do with the American Experiment?, edited by E. J. Dionne and John Dilulio (Brookings Institute, 2000); "Civil Society, Religion and the Formation of Citizens," in Education and Civil Society, edited by Joseph Vitterili and Diane Ravitch (Yale University Press, 2001); "The Social Thought of Pope John Paul II," for Catholic Social Science Review 5 (2000); "The Dignity of the Human Person and the Idea of Human Rights," for the Journal of Law and Religion 14, no. 1 (1999-2000); and "Beyond Progressivism and Traditionalism," for Theology Today (April 2001). A number of her essays are forthcoming, including: "Response to Papers by John Bowlin, Charles T. Mathewes and William Cavanagh," in The Society of Christian Ethics; "The Body and Projects of Human Self-Possession," in Having, edited by William Schweiker; "The Peace of Christ and the Peace of the World," in a volume to be published by the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commission; "Catholicism and Higher Learning," in a volume for a conference sponsored by the Erasmus Institute at the University of Notre Dame; a chapter on Augustine for a major work on masters of political thought, edited by David Boucher (to be published by Cambridge University Press); a chapter on Augustine for the Blackwell Companion to Political Thought; a chapter on Jane Addams for a new work on Masters of American Political Thought. She gave a commentary for National Public Radio on the RU-40 pill; wrote op-ed pieces for Public Perspective, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and The Nation; and reviewed books for International Studies Review, International Bonhoeffer Newsletter, The Civil War Review, the Journal of Religion, Commonweal, the Wilson Quarterly, Washington Post Bookworld, and Outlook.