Don Harrison Doyle, 2011–2012 | National Humanities Center

Don H. Doyle (NHC Fellow, 2011–12)

Project Title

America's International Civil War

University of South Carolina

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2011–12

Don H. Doyle completed his book America's International Civil War, under contract with Basic Books. He wrote three essays for "Disunion," the New York Times series on the American Civil War: "Bully for Garibaldi," "Vive l'Union," and "Garibaldi's Encore." He prepared "Abraham Lincoln: The Apotheosis of a Republican Hero" for Political Leadership, Nations and Charisma (2012); "Slavery or Independence: The Confederate Dilemma in Europe" for The U.S. South and Europe; and "Last Best Hope: America's International Civil War" to be included in a volume of essays he is coediting. In addition, he drafted an essay on "The Global Civil War" to appear in the Blackwell Companion to the U.S. Civil War.