Mary Hegland, 2016–2017 | National Humanities Center

Mary Elaine Hegland (NHC Fellow, 2016–17)

Project Title

Days of Revolution: Religion, Ritual, and Politics in an Iranian Settlement or Political Islam: Engagement and Disengagement in an Iranian Settlement

Santa Clara University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2016–17

Mary Elaine Hegland conducted research and made progress on several chapters of her monograph, Days of Revolution: Religion, Ritual & Politics in an Iranian Settlement. She also wrote an essay, “Returning to Aliabad: Changes in an Iranian Settlement between 1978 and 2015,” for the DANESH Institute, Inc. Conference Proceedings, Iranians in Diaspora: Religious and Ethnic Diversity, published in late 2016, and an article, “Popular Religious Practices and Perceptions, An Introduction,” for a special issue of Anthropology of the Middle East, Special Issue on Popular Religious Practices and Perceptions (vol. 13., no. 1, 2018) for which she also served as guest editor with Erika Friedl.