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Ralph Wedgwood (NHC Fellow, 1998–99)

Project Title

The Metaphysical Sources of Norms and Values

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1998–99

Ralph Wedgwood wrote a number of articles including "The Price of Non-Reductive Moral Realism" (for Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, forthcoming); "The Price of Non-Reductive Physicalism"; "Conceptual-Role Semantics for Moral Terms"; "Practical Reason and Desire"; "What Beliefs Are For"; and "Critical Notice of The Authority of Reason, by Jean Hampton" (forthcoming in Philosophical Books). He spoke on "The Price of Anti-Reductionism," at the annual meeting of the British Society for Ethical Theory, held at the University of Kent; on "The Price of Non-Reductive Physicalism," at North Carolina State University, and again at the annual meeting of the American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, held at Berkeley; on "Practical Reason and Desire," at Duke University; and on "Conceptual-Role Semantics for Moral Terms," at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and also at East Carolina University.