Agnès Kefeli, 2019–2020

Project Title:

Re-Enchanting the Eurasian Steppe: Eco-Nationalism and Eschatology in Tatar Literature, 1960-Present

Arizona State University

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Agnèd Kefeli

Fellowship Work Summary

Agnès Kefeli (Benjamin N. Duke Fellow*) completed the draft of six chapters of her book, Enchanting the Eurasian Steppe, and wrote two articles: “Fawziya Bayramova’s Land of Giants: Sacred Topography and Giant Lineage in Soviet and Post-Soviet Literature,” and “Varieties of Esoteric Islam in Post-Soviet Tatar Literature.” She revised “The Return of Jinn and Angels: Repairing Prophetic Authority in Tatarstan,” a book chapter for Authority in Islam, edited by Ron Sela, forthcoming. Kefeli is clinical professor in religious studies and history at Arizona State University.

*Supported by an endowment fund established by the Research Triangle Foundation