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Irus Braverman (NHC Fellow, 2021–22)

Project Title

Settling Nature: The Biopolitics of Conservation in Palestine/Israel

University at Buffalo

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Braverman, Irus

Fellowship Work Summary, 2021–22

Irus Braverman revised the introduction and wrote the preface and conclusion for her book, Settling Nature: Politics of Conservation in Palestine/Israel, which is forthcoming with the University of Minnesota Press in Spring 2023. She also restructured the book’s chapters and strengthened its theoretical and methodological intervention. Braverman wrote the introduction, revised her chapter, and prepared for submission the book collection Laws of the Sea: Interdisciplinary Currents (forthcoming, 2022). The collection’s introduction is entitled “Amphibious Legal Geographies: Toward Land-Sea Regimes,” and Braverman’s contribution to this collection is entitled “Genetic Freedom of the Seas in the Age of Extractivism: Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction.” Finally, Braverman drafted “The Microbial Zoo: How Small is Wild?” for Ben Minteer and Harry Greene’s edited collection, A Wilder Kingdom: Rethinking the Wild in Zoos, Wildlife Parks, and Beyond (Columbia University Press, forthcoming).