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Thomas W. Laqueur (Trustee; NHC Fellow, 2000–01)

Project Title

Death, Memory, and Modernity

University of California, San Diego

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2000–01

Thomas W. Laqueur began and completed the manuscript for a book, tentatively entitled Onan's Fate: Solitary Sex and the Modern Self, that will be published by ZONE Books in 2002, and made progress on another project, "Death, Memory, and Modernity." He wrote an article on "The Place of the Dead in Modernity" that will be included in Age of Cultural Revolutions, edited by Dror Warhman and Colin Jones (University of California Press, forthcoming, 2001); one called "A Symposium on the Weird, the Strange and the Uncanny," that appeared in Threepenny Review (spring 2001); revised an article, "Festival of Punishment," for the London Review of Books (5 October 2000); and read proofs and revised three further articles and one review for a professional journal.