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Richard E. Spear (NHC Fellow, 1992–93)

Project Title

Guido Reni: a Reappraisal

Oberlin College

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1992–93

Richard E. Spear began and completed more than half of The “Divine” Guido: Religion, Sex, Money and Art in the World of Guido Reni, a study of the personality and culture of the seventeenth-century Italian painter, Guido Reni. He also submitted to the Burlington Magazine a documentary article, "Domenichino's Will," which analyzes the artist's recently discovered last testament. For an exhibition of Emilian art from Bolognese collections that will be shown in Australia, he contributed the catalogue entry detailing an unpublished St. Catherine by Domenichino, and for the memoirs of Ellen Johnson, Fragments Recalled at 80, he wrote a brief introductory essay, "Ellen Johnson, 1910-92." He continued his work as a member of the editorial board for Art Bulletin.