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Jeremy D. Popkin (NHC Fellow, 2000–01; 2012–13)

Project Title, 2000–01

History, Historians and Autobiography

University of Kentucky

Project Title, 2012–13

Freedom and Unfreedom in the Age of Revolution

University of Kentucky

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2000–01

Jeremy D. Popkin completed final revisions for his forthcoming book, Press, Revolution and Social Identities in France, 1830-1835, to be published by Penn State University Press (fall 2001), and read extensively in the theory and criticism of autobiography as part of the research for his book on History, Historians and Autobiography. He wrote a review essay, "Not Over After All: The French Revolution's Third Century," discussing recent trends in the interpretation of that event, that will appear in the Journal of Modern History; an essay, entitled "La presse bourgeoise en province," for a Festschrift for Jean-Paul Bertaud; and entries on "Autobiography" and "Publishing and Bookselling" for the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment.

Fellowship Work Summary, 2012–13

Jeremy D. Popkin spent the year working on his book Freedom and Unfreedom in the Age of Revolution. He also wrote “Thermidor, Slavery, and the ‘Affaire des colonies’” for French Historical Studies; “Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Norbert Thoret and the Haitian Declaration of Independence” for inclusion in a volume of conference papers; “Un-Silencing the Haitian Revolution”; and “Life in the Ruins: Personal Narratives and the Haitian Earthquake of 2010.”