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Kenneth Mills (NHC Fellow, 1995–96)

Project Title

Christianizing the Spanish World, 1450-1750

Princeton University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1995–96

Kenneth Mills revised Idolatry and Its Enemies: Colonial Andean Religion and Extirpation, 1640-1750, to be published by Princeton University Press in 1997, and drafted two chapters of a new book, Christianizing the Spanish World, 1450-1750. For a primary sources reader in colonial Spanish American history, co-edited with William B. Taylor, he translated the selections and started introductions. He started a chapter that will appear in Spiritual Encounters: Interactions between Christianity and Native Religions in Colonial America, edited by Fernando Cervantes and Nicholas Griffiths (a University of Birmingham Modern Languages Publication), and he wrote "Bad Christians in Colonial Peru." This piece, forthcoming in Colonial Latin American Review, was the subject of a lecture he gave at the University of Alberta.