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Jeffrey T. Schnapp (NHC Fellow, 1991–92)

Project Title

Boccaccio and the Institution of Authorship

Stanford University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1991–92

Jeffrey T. Schnapp finished a number of essays in progress before his arrival at the Center: "Un commento sull'autocommento nel Teseida" (Studi sul Boccaccio), "Fascism's Museum in Motion" (Journal of Architecture Education), "Machiavellian Foundlings: Castruccio Castracani and the Aphorism" (Renaissance Quarterly), "Epic Demonstrations: Fascist Modernity and the 1932 Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution" (Fascism, Aesthetics, and Culture, edited by Richard J. Golsan), and "Lesestunden: Augustinus, Proba, und das christliche Détournement der Antike" (Writing/Schrift/Ecriture, edited by H. U. Gumbrecht and K. L. Pfeiffer). He also wrote "Introduction to Purgatory" for the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Dante and "Pauses in D'Annunzio's Fiuman Word," to appear in an edited volume, Fiume. He completed two chapters and gathered materials and wrote portions of three other chapters for his book, Epic Demonstrations: Configurations of Fascism and Modernity and he wrote one chapter of a second book, Boccaccio and the Institution of Authorship.