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John R. Levison (NHC Fellow, 2000–01)

Project Title

Out of Eden: An Analysis of the Life of Adam and Eve

Duke University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2000–01

John R. Levison spent the year doing research for a commentary on the ancient text, Life of Adam and Eve, that he will write for the series, Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature (Walter de Gruyter, 2007). He also read proofs on his book, Texts in Transition: The Greek "Life of Adam and Eve" (Society of Biblical Literature, 2000). He wrote several articles including "The Spirit in the Gospels: Breaking the Impasse of Early Twentieth-Century German Scholarship" for a forthcoming Festschrift; "The Roman Character of Funerals in the Writings of Flavius Josephus" (submitted to a journal for consideration); "David and the Art of Lamentation according to Josephus" (submitted to an annual for consideration); and a review of T. Stordalen's Echoes of Eden: Genesis 2-3 and Symbolism of the Eden Garden in Biblical Hebrew Literature for Review of Biblical Literature.