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Colin Jones (NHC Fellow, 2014–15)

Project Title

Thermidor: Twenty-Four Hours of Parisian Revolution, 27 July 1794

Queen Mary University of London

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2014–15

Colin Jones wrote a number of pieces connected with his book 9 Thermidor and the French Revolutionary Terror. These include “Robespierre’s Fall: Six Myths and One Conundrum” for History Today (2015); “Charles Dickens’s Two Cities on Celluloid,” a chapter in a volume of conference papers, Paris in the Cinema: Beyond the Flâneur; “Le sourire entre l’étiquette et le sujet,” to be published in Histoire des émotions, vol. 1, De l’antiquité aux lumières; “ ‘Cheese!’: L’invention du sourire,” which appeared in the French edition of Vanity Fair (2015); “Laughing at French Smiles and Dentures” for the Wonders and Marvels website (2015); and “Richard Cobb, 1917–1996,” to appear both in print and on the website of the British Academy in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy (2015).