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John H. Smith (NHC Fellow, 2017–18)

Project Title

How Infinity Came to Be at Home in the World: Metaphors and Paradoxes of Mathematics in German Thought and Literature, 1675-1830

University of California, Irvine

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2017–18

John H. Smith completed three articles: "Religion and Literature in the Transition from the Infinite to the Finite (1700–1770)" for Religion and Literature in the German-Speaking World, 1200–2015, edited by John Walker and Ian Cooper (Cambridge University Press, 2018); "Nancy with Hegel: The Restless Pleasures of Calculus and the Infinite Opening in Finitude" for Jean-Luc Nancy among the Philosophers, edited by Irving Goh (Columbia University Press, forthcoming); and "Religion and Early German Romanticism: The Finite and the Infinite" for A Companion to German Romantic Philosophy, edited by Judith Norman and Elizabeth Millán (Brill, 2018).