Akinwumi Ogundiran, 2015–2016 | National Humanities Center

Akinwumi Ogundiran (NHC Fellow, 2015–16)

Project Title

Cultural History of the Atlantic Experience in the Yoruba Hinterland (West Africa), ca. 1550-1830

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2015–16

Akinwumi Ogundiran considerably expanded the scope of his project while completing six out of nine planned chapters of the manuscript for his book, The Yoruba Paths: A History of Practice and Cultural Translations, AD 800-1850. He also submitted a chapter on “The House of Ife: Aspects of Scale in a West African Universal City, ca. 1000–1400s” for an edited volume titled Anomalous Giant Places, being edited by Ronald Fletcher and Nam C. Kim.