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Daniel E. Bornstein (NHC Fellow, 2003–04)

Project Title

An Italian Church: Religion, Culture and Society in Late Medieval Cortona

Texas A&M University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2003–04

Daniel E. Bornstein wrote two chapters and portions of a third (out of a projected six) for his book An Italian Church: Religion, Culture, and Society in Medieval Cortona; drafted an essay, "Sacred Flesh, Holy Bodies: Relics, Ascetics, Living Saints," for Medieval Christianity, vol. 4 of A People's History of Christianity (Fortress Press, forthcoming); and wrote a review essay, "Did Angela of Foligno Exist? A Guide to Recent Debates," for Studia Mystica. He translated, annotated, and introduced "How to Behave in Church/Become a Priest," in Medieval Christianity in Practice, edited by Miri Rubin (under contract with Princeton University Press), and "The Founding of the Monte di Pietà of Cortona" and "Church Inventories," in Medieval Italy: A Documentary History, edited by Frances Andrews, Joanna Drell, and Katherine L. Jansen (under contract with University of Pennsylvania Press). He also revised his translation and annotation of "The Life of Maria of Venice," which will appear in Dominican Penitent Spirituality, edited by Maiju Lehmijoki-Gardner (Paulist Press, forthcoming April 2005). He revised two articles, "St Birgitta in Roma Sancta: A Swedish Princess as Roman Saint?" for the journal Birgittiana, and "History and Culture in a Provincial Center: A Universal Chronicle from Renaissance Rimini" for Renaissance Studies.