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Bruce Grant (NHC Fellow, 2000–01)

Project Title

Cosmos and Cosmopolitanism: Culture and Religious Histories in the Azeri Cau

Swarthmore College

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2000–01

Bruce Grant began work on two new book projects, "Prisoners of the Caucasus," a cultural history of kidnapping in the former Soviet Union, and "Cosmos and Cosmopolitanism," a study of life in one Caucasus mountain village over the Soviet period. He wrote the foreword for Frederic Bertrand's L'Ethnographie soviétique en train de se faire: Regard anthropologique sur le processus de légitimation des années 20-30 (Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux, forthcoming, 2001); an article entitled "New Moscow Monuments, or, States of Innocence," to be published in American Ethnologist (forthcoming, 2001); and another article entitled "Near Losses: Siberian Language Politics and the Commodities of History," that is under consideration for publication in Cultural Anthropology. He reviewed two books for Slavic and East European Folklore Journal: Daniel Peris's, Storming the Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless, and William Husband's Godless Communists: Atheism and Society in Soviet Russia, 1917-1932, both of which are forthcoming (2001). His review of Susan Buck-Morss's Dreamworld and Catastrophe will appear in Russian Review (2002).