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Luca Boschetto (NHC Fellow, 2001–02)

Project Title

Economy, Politics and Law in Renaissance Florence: The Court of the Mercanzia, 1394-1577

Independent Scholar (Italy)

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2001–02

Luca Boschetto wrote drafts of two chapters of his book in progress, The Merchant Court of Renaissance Florence. He wrote two articles, including “Leon Battista Alberti and the Medici,” to be submitted to a journal for consideration, and “Nuove ricerche sulla biografia e sugli scritti volgari di Leon Battista Alberti. Dal viaggio a Napoli alla nascita del ‘De iciarchia’ (settembre-maggio 1465),” to be published in Interpres 21 (2001). He also wrote a review of Studi di filologia umanistica by Alessandro Perosa for Studi Medievali 44 (2003). Boschetto is an Independent Scholar in Modern Languages and Italian, from Florence.