Mark Cruse, 2017–2018 | National Humanities Center

Mark Cruse (NHC Fellow, 2017–18)

Project Title

Representing the Unknown: Place and Knowledge in the Manuscripts of Marco Polo’s Devisement du monde

Arizona State University

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Fellowship Work Summary, 2017–18

Mark Cruse made substantial progress on Marco Polo's "Description of the World" in Manuscript and the Global Middle Ages. Additionally he completed one article and two chapters for other works: "Global Encounters the Emerging World in the Livre des merveilles du monde" (Paris, Bibliotheque nationale de France) for a special issue of Mediaevalia, edited by Marilynn Desmond (forthcoming); "Literature and the Performing Arts" for The Cultural History of Color, edited by Carole Biggam and Kirsten Wolf (Bloomsbury Publishing, forthcoming); and "Mongol Courts through Medieval European Eyes" in Courts on the Move: Perspectives from the Global Middle Ages, edited by Claudia Rapp, Ekaterini Mitsiou, Johannes Preisser-Kapeller and Paraskevi Sykopetritou (Vienna University Press, forthcoming).