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James Van Cleve (NHC Fellow, 1990–91; 2011–12)

Project Title, 1990–91

Things in Themselves in Kant and Contemporary Philosophy

Brown University

Project Title, 2011–12

Problems from Reid

University of Southern California

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Fellowship Work Summary, 1990–91

James Van Cleve wrote three chapters and other portions of a book tentatively titled "Problems with Kant." He completed four essays: "Entity, Identity, and Actuality" (forthcoming in Philosophical Papers), "Semantic Supervenience and Referential Indeterminacy," "Kant on Secondary Qualities," and "Descartes and the Destruction of the Eternal Truths." In addition, he completed six encyclopedia entries: "Kant" and "Noumena/Phenomena" for the Blackwell Companion to Epistemology, "Bundle Theory," "Essence/Accident," and "Kant" for the Blackwell Companion to Metaphysics; and "Priority" for the Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy.

Fellowship Work Summary, 2011–12

James Van Cleve completed drafts of six chapters and revised three others for his book Problems from Reid, under contract with Oxford University Press.