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2023–24 Series

Fall Semester

Racism; Racial Discrimination; Economic Inequality; Activism; Civil Rights; Human Rights; American History; United States of America
The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together
September 12, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Heather McGhee (Author; Distinguished Lecturer of Urban Studies, School of Labor and Urban Studies, City University of New York)

Subjects: History   Education Studies   Racism   Racial Discrimination   Economic Inequality   Activism   Civil Rights   Human Rights   American History   United States of America  
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Digital Humanities; Pedagogy; Teaching; Digital Pedagogy; Data Visualization
Digital Humanities and Digital Pedagogy in the K–12 Classroom
September 14, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Kelly Hammond (OER Assistant, Office of Faculty Development and Instructional Technology, CUNY School of Professional Studies)

Subjects: Technology   Humanities   Education Studies   Digital Humanities   Pedagogy   Teaching   Digital Pedagogy   Data Visualization  
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First Amendment to the United States Constitution; Supreme Court of the United States; Mass Media; Social Media; Technology; Legal History
Media History and Freedom of Speech
September 26, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Jennifer A. Petersen (Associate Professor, Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California)

Subjects: Journalism and Communication   Education Studies   First Amendment to the United States Constitution   Supreme Court of the United States   Mass Media   Social Media   Technology   Legal History  
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Poetry; Health Equity; Paper Industry; Writers
Who Burns for the Perfection of Paper?
October 3, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Elisa New (Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature, Department of English, Harvard University; Director, The Center for Public Humanities, Arizona State University)

Subjects: Literature   Education Studies   Poetry   Health Equity   Paper Industry   Writers  
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Food; Human Ecology; Evolution
Deliciousness and the Evolution of Flavor
October 12, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Robert R. Dunn (Senior Vice Provost for University Interdisciplinary Programs, North Carolina State University)

Subjects: Science   Medicine   Food   Human Ecology   Evolution  
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Students; Hip Hop; Cultural Identity; Teaching; Pedagogy
Hip-Hop and Youth Culture as Pedagogy
October 17, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Jason Rawls (School of Music/African & African American Studies, The Ohio State University)

Subjects: Education Studies   Students   Hip Hop   Cultural Identity   Teaching   Pedagogy  
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Emotions; Teachers; Teaching
Emotional Intelligence: The Path to Sustainability in Education
October 19, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Adam Saenz (Department of Psychiatry, Texas A&M University)

Subjects: Education Studies   Psychology   Emotions   Teachers   Teaching  
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Indigenous Center, European Other: Teaching Indigenous Histories of the Americas
October 26, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Hannah R. Abrahamson (Assistant Professor, Department of History, College of the Holy Cross)

Subjects: History   Education Studies  
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Civic Engagement; Activism; Teaching; Democracy; Public Education
Fostering Civic Engagement in the Classroom: How to Support a Youth-led Movement for Justice
October 31, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Jon T. Greenberg (Educator and Writer from Seattle; cofounder of the WA NAACP Youth Council)

Subjects: Education Studies   Civic Engagement   Activism   Teaching   Democracy   Public Education  
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African American History; African Americans; Labor History; Working Class; Oral History; United States of America
The Roots of the Black Working Class
November 7, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Blair L. M. Kelley (NHC Fellow, 2022–23; Director, Center for the Study of the American South; Joel R. Williamson Distinguished Professor of Southern Studies, Department of American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Subjects: History   Education Studies   African American History   African Americans   Labor History   Working Class   Oral History   United States of America  
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Medical Humanities; Misinformation; Disinformation; Public Health; COVID-19; Information Literacy
Beyond “Just Follow the Science”: Concepts and Tools for Teaching Public Health Literacy in the Classroom
November 14, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Nancy Tomes (NHC Fellow, 1999–2000; 2022–23; Distinguished Professor, Department of History, Stony Brook University)

Subjects: History   Journalism and Communication   Medicine   Medical Humanities   Misinformation   Disinformation   Public Health   COVID-19   Information Literacy  
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Indigenous Americans; Indigenous Cultures of the Americas; Mass Media; Popular Culture; Survivance; Decolonization; Reservation Dogs; Firekeeper's Daughter; United Kingdom
Native (Self) Representation: From Social Media to Reservation Dogs
November 21, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Shannon Epplett (Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Theatre and Dance, Illinois State University)

Subjects: Education Studies   Film and Media   Indigenous Americans   Indigenous Cultures of the Americas   Mass Media   Popular Culture   Survivance   Decolonization   Reservation Dogs   Firekeeper's Daughter   United Kingdom  
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Literary Criticism; Literary Theory; Comedy; Cultural Studies
Let’s Relieve Comedy of the Idea of Comic Relief
December 5, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
John Bruns (Professor, Film Studies Program and Department of English, College of Charleston)

Subjects: Literature   Education Studies   Literary Criticism   Literary Theory   Comedy   Cultural Studies  
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Teaching; Writing Instruction; Writing; Students; Teachers; Artificial Intelligence
How Will Students Learn to Write Now That We Have ChatGPT?
December 14, 2023   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Sarah R. Levine (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education, Stanford University)

Subjects: Education Studies   Technology   Teaching   Writing Instruction   Writing   Students   Teachers   Artificial Intelligence  
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Spring Semester

English Literature; Middle Ages; Medieval Literature; Teaching; Poetry; The Canterbury Tales; Geoffrey Chaucer
Teaching Chaucer
January 11, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Timothy L. Stinson (NHC Fellow, 2021–22; Associate Professor of English, North Carolina State University)

Subjects: Literature   Education Studies   English Literature   Middle Ages   Medieval Literature   Teaching   Poetry   The Canterbury Tales   Geoffrey Chaucer  
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Stoicism; Teaching; Character Education; Marcus Aurelius; Greece
Focus On “What is Up to You”: The Stoics on How to Be Happier, Develop Your Character, and Live a Good Life
January 25, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Michael Tremblay (PhD, Independent Scholar (Canada))

Subjects: Philosophy   History   Stoicism   Teaching   Character Education   Marcus Aurelius   Greece  
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Disability Studies; Middle Ages; Teaching
Myth-Busting Medieval Disability
January 30, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Kisha G. Tracy (Associate Professor, English Studies, Fitchburg State University)

Subjects: Literature   History   Disability Studies   Middle Ages   Teaching  
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Digital Humanities; Transatlantic Slave Trade; Slavery; Middle Passage; Forced Displacement
Slave Voyages: Engaging the Digital in Education
February 1, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Nafees M. Khan (Content Developer, Ralph Appelbaum Associates; Operational Committee, Slave Voyages Consortium)

Subjects: History   Education Studies   Digital Humanities   Transatlantic Slave Trade   Slavery   Middle Passage   Forced Displacement  
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African American History; Civil Rights; Activism; Racial Inequality; Local History; New York, NY
In The Shadow of Civil Rights: The African American Experience in New York City in the 1980s
February 6, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Hasan Kwame Jeffries (Associate Professor, Department of History, The Ohio State University)

Subjects: History   African American History   Civil Rights   Activism   Racial Inequality   Local History   New York, NY  
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African American Literature; Women's Studies; Speculative Fiction; Science Fiction; Black Panther; Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Exploring Women and Girls of African-Descent in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Speculative Fiction
February 15, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Karima K. Jeffrey-Legette (NHC Fellow, 2022–23; 2023–24; Associate Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages, Hampton University)

Subjects: Literature   Film and Media   History   African American Literature   Women's Studies   Speculative Fiction   Science Fiction   Black Panther   Black Panther: Wakanda Forever  
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American History; American Civil Rights Movement; Harlem Renaissance; Teaching; Primary Sources; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Langston Hughes; United States of America
F.B. Eyes on Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King, Jr.
February 20, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
W. Jason Miller (NHC Fellow, 2022–23; Professor of English, North Carolina State University)

Subjects: History   Literature   American History   American Civil Rights Movement   Harlem Renaissance   Teaching   Primary Sources   Martin Luther King, Jr.   Langston Hughes   United States of America  
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Women Authors; American Literature; Novels; Women's History; Ursula Parrott
Why You Should Start Teaching Ursula Parrott’s Ex-Wife (1929)
March 5, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Marsha Gordon (NHC Fellow, 2019–20; Professor of English; Director, Film Studies Program, North Carolina State University)

Subjects: Literature   Women Authors   American Literature   Novels   Women's History   Ursula Parrott  
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Opera; Gender Inequality; Composers; Women
Dark with Excessive Bright: The Music and Advocacy of Missy Mazzoli
March 14, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Missy Mazzoli (Composer in Residence, The Conservatory of Music, Bard College)

Subjects: Music   Education Studies   Opera   Gender Inequality   Composers   Women  
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Media Literacy; Digital Literacy; Information Literacy; Misinformation; Disinformation
What The Fact?!: Finding The Truth In All The Noise
April 9, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Seema Yasmin (Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Stanford University)

Subjects: Journalism and Communication   Education Studies   Media Literacy   Digital Literacy   Information Literacy   Misinformation   Disinformation  
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Armenian Genocide; Crimes Against Humanity; Ethnic Identity; Humanitarianism
Armenian Genocide, Armenian Identity, and Life in the United States
April 23, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Bedross Der Matossian (Professor of History and Hymen Rosenberg Professor in Judaic Studies, Department of History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Subjects: History   Religion   Armenian Genocide   Crimes Against Humanity   Ethnic Identity   Humanitarianism  
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American History; Economic History; Migration; Climate Change; Dust Bowl; The Thirties; United States of America
The Enduring Impact of the American Dust Bowl: Adaptation to Environmental Catastrophe and Environmental Refugees
May 7, 2024   7:00–8:30 pm ET
Richard Hornbeck (V. Duane Rath Professor of Economics and Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow, Booth School of Business, The University of Chicago)
Cosponsored by the Woody Guthrie Center
Subjects: Economics   History   Environment and Nature   American History   Economic History   Migration   Climate Change   Dust Bowl   The Thirties   United States of America  
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