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Boundless curiosity about the human experience is the driving force of the humanities—inspiring scholars as they pursue their research, teachers at work with their students, and all of us as we navigate the challenging world we live in.

Discover how that curiosity is expressed in the work of NHC Fellows, in innovative resources for educators, and how it speaks to all of us in the features included below.

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Beyond Despair: A Focus on Environmental Humanities

PODCAST Diverse group planting a tree

Home Matters: Picturing and Understanding Place

Confronting contemporary challenges is impossible unless we understand the ways that humans interact with their environments and the repercussions those interactions have both locally and globally.

Environmental Humanities Scholars Map

Environmental Humanities Scholars Map

This interactive map highlights some of the important work being done by NHC Fellows on environmental topics around the world.

Beyond Despair Initiative

A fascinating collection of videos, podcasts and panel discussions centered on the role of the humanities in addressing environmental change.

The Oyster and the City

Online Course

This course emphasizes links between city and country, between child labor and the nation’s cheapest and most abundant protein: oysters.


The Caribbean: Nexus of the Atlantic World

color caribbean islands map

PODCAST Spanish fort with shooting tower and cannon

Excursions: Revisiting the History of the Caribbean

This podcast features conversations with several recent Fellows whose scholarship deals with the Caribbean and its relation to the Atlantic slave trade as well as a birthplace for not only revolutionary democracy but reggae music.

VIDEO Joe Newberry and Laurent Dubois

The Banjo: A Musical Conversation

​NHC Fellow Laurent Dubois and musician Joe Newberry​ participated in a “musical conversation” exploring the fascinating history of the banjo and its links to the Caribbean.

Bussa rebel flag

Geography, History, and Education in Barbados

Humanities Moments

Browse a collection of personal reflections from educators following their investigation of place and the relationship between human and physical geography.

VIDEO webinar presentation

Slavery in the Atlantic World


This webinar situates British North American slavery in a broader Atlantic context.


Living on the Edge: Experiences of Migrants and Refugees

Celebrating Immigrants in the Story of America

Humanities Moments

Stories of migration are deeply woven into the cultural fabric of the United States. The experiences and contributions of immigrants have strengthened and diversified our communities, enriching small towns and big cities alike.

PODCAST Laura Murphy, Modern Slave Narratives

Modern Slave Narratives

Laura Murphy, Fellow 2017–18

Though slavery may not take the exact forms it did in the nineteenth century, approximately 45.8 million persons in 167 countries endure modern forms of slavery.

Undocumented Students in the Classroom

Humanities In Action

With estimates suggesting there are over 1 million undocumented students in American classrooms, the issue of immigration is one that teachers across the country must contend with in a significant way.


The Long Struggle over U.S. Immigration and Citizenship

Kunal Parker, Fellow 2014–15

In this podcast, scholar Kunal Parker helps frame the current discourse around immigration as it relates to legal history.