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Online Resources

Humanities in Class Digital Library

This working repository is an Open Education Resources (OER) platform that provides direct access to all of our online education content and encourages active engagement and community.

America in Class Lessons

Lesson plans include key questions, essential understandings, and primary sources with context, background, and discussion excerpts for classroom teaching.


Webinar Recordings

Video Archive

Over 180 on-demand recordings of the Humanities in Class webinar series, with associated readings and presentations, are available to view and access.

Primary Source Archives

Collections of historical documents, literary texts, and works of art thematically organized with notes and discussion questions, annotated and excerpted for classroom use.


Collections of essays on topics in American history and literature written by leading scholars with content overviews, guidance for classroom discussion, bibliographies, and more.

Digital Textbooks

You Can Map That!


An interdisciplinary GIS curriculum for the middle school classroom.

Humanities in Class: How to Think and Learn in the Humanities


Accessible and flexible in order to meet the needs of educators and classrooms at all levels, this guide features media and digital content that help clarify and establish fluency for ten different disciplines.


How to Think Like a Political Scientist

Daniel Palazzolo and Patrick Touart

How to Think Like a Geographer

Edward Kinman and Megan Webster

How to Think Like a Philosopher in the Digital Age

Michael Burroughs and Allison Cohen

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