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Humanities in Class: Institutes

Humanities in Class Institutes provide opportunities for educators at all levels to engage with leading experts and their peers to explore topics in depth and acquire new skills and perspectives for use in the classroom and beyond.

Teacher Institutes

The Center provides high-quality and innovative teaching institutes that strengthen classroom teaching for educators at all levels.

Recent Events

Graduate Student Institutes and Residencies

The Center is committed to providing authentic, experiential seminars for graduate students to apply their unique skills to compelling questions and issues. Central to these institutes are the use of emerging technologies and media that make the scholarly voice more accessible, responsive, and collaborative. Graduate student residencies focus on the process of translating research to practice and require direct and collegial work among students from different universities and disciplines, creating a much richer network of humanities professionals.

Upcoming Events

Podcasting for Humanities Graduate Students: Storytelling for a Modern Audience, January 8–12, 2024

Graduate Student Summer Residency: Becoming a Modern Scholar, July 15–19, 2024

Recent Events

University Faculty and Staff Institutes

Since 1992, the National Humanities Center has provided college and university faculty and staff with opportunities to deepen their knowledge and find intellectual renewal under the guidance of leading scholars. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary connections, these seminars encourage learning about new ways to apply scholarly research to college-level teaching.

Upcoming Events

Podcasting for Humanities Faculty and Staff: Storytelling for a Modern Audience, June 10–14, 2024

Recent Events