Education Programs

The National Humanities Center is distinctive in its commitment to linking scholarship to improved teaching and providing teachers with new materials and instructional strategies to make them more effective in the classroom and rekindle their enthusiasm for the subjects they teach.


Lesson plans include key questions, essential understandings, and primary sources with context, background, and discussion excerpts for classroom teaching.


On Demand Webinars

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Live, interactive professional development webinars for history and literature teachers, conducted by leading scholars. Over 100 on demand webinars are available in our archive.

Primary Sources

Collections of historical documents, literary texts, and works of art thematically organized with notes and discussion questions, annotated and excerpted for classroom use.


Collections of essays on topics in American history and literature written by leading scholars with content overview, guidance for classroom discussion, bibliographies, and more.

Teacher Advisory Council

The Teacher Advisory Council involves educators in developing, piloting, and evaluating the National Humanities Center’s educational programs and resources.

African-American Studies