Meaningful Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Classroom | Speakers | National Humanities Center


Meaningful Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Classroom | Speakers

July 5–9, 2021


Since 2015, the National Humanities Center has offered PhD graduate students in the humanities an opportunity to learn about and experience best practices in teaching and learning. Each year, a cohort of students works in small teams to address a relevant theme and create group and individual instructional materials.

These scholars, master educators, and technology experts will be leading Meaningful Teaching and Learning in the Humanities Classroom.

  • Matthew Booker

    Matthew Morse Booker

    Vice President for Scholarly Programs, National Humanities Center; NHC Fellow 2016–17

  • Brooke Covington

    Brooke Covington

    Assistant Professor of English, Christopher Newport University

  • Justin Esarey

    Justin Esarey

    Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, Wake Forest University

  • Kiran Garcha

    Kiran Garcha

    Assistant Professor of History, University of California, Bakersfield

  • Rivi Handler-Spitz

    Rivi Handler-Spitz

    Associate Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures, Macalester College; NHC Fellow 2020–21

  • Tera Hunter

    Tera Hunter

    Professor of History, Princeton University; NHC Fellow 2017–18

  • Jordynn Jack

    Jordynn Jack

    Associate Professor of English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; NHC Fellow 2020–21

  • Quin Jernigan

    Quin Jernigan

    Instructional Designer, Carolina Office for Digital and Lifelong Learning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Emily Lutenski

    Emily Lutenski

    Associate Professor of American Studies, Saint Louis University; NHC Fellow 2019–20

  • Anton Matytsin

    Anton Matytsin

    Assistant Professor of History, University of Florida; NHC Fellow 2018–19

  • Emily McLemore

    Emily McLemore

    PhD Candidate in English, University of Notre Dame

  • Andy Mink

    Andy Mink

    Vice President for Education, National Humanities Center

  • Savannah Murray

    Savannah Murray

    Visiting Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Writing Studies, Appalachian State University

  • Robert D. Newman

    Robert D. Newman

    President and Director, National Humanities Center

  • Wendi Pillars

    Wendi Pillars


  • Peter Rorabaugh

    Peter Rorabaugh

    Assistant Professor of English, Kennesaw State University

  • Shuang Shen

    Shuang Shen

    Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Chinese, The Pennsylvania State University; NHC Fellow 2019–20

  • Cassander Smith

    Cassander Smith

    Associate Professor of English, The University of Alabama

  • Sondra Bickham Washington

    Sondra Bickham Washington

    Assistant Professor of American Literature, Florida Atlantic University

  • Jennifer Williams

    Jennifer Williams

    Assistant Professor of English, Howard University; NHC Fellow 2019–20

  • Anne-Marie Womack

    Anne-Marie Womack

    Assistant Teaching Professor, Engineering Communication Program, Rice University