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Summer Residency Program at the National Humanities Center

Summer Residencies at the National Humanities Center
Summer residents in the NHC Commons

The National Humanities Center will offer its next Summer Residency Program in June 2023.

Scholars from NHC Institutional Sponsor universities are exclusively eligible to participate in a four-week summer residency program intended to assist in jump-starting or making substantial progress on a current project.

Summer Residents are provided individual studies in our quiet, light-filled glass building in the woods of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. They have access to their studies 24/7 during their residencies. Our renowned library staff assists Residents in procuring all books needed for their research by the time they arrive, as well as any requests during their time in residence.

Residents are housed in a hotel located near the NHC and provided with continental breakfast and a full lunch from our in-house chef and baker during regular business hours. Lunch in our Commons is famous for the vibrant exchange of ideas and synergistic discussions that inevitably lead to enhanced scholarly output.

Through this program, faculty from our sponsoring institutions can experience a concentrated period of supported research and scholarship in this world-renowned setting. Scholars who have participated in the NHC’s programs have called it an “intellectual nirvana” and have often remarked that the contemplative space and intellectual community provided by the NHC contributed significantly to the ultimate quality of their work, which includes over 1,700 published volumes.

Deans and department chairs might consider this opportunity for faculty to reward stellar mid-career or senior researchers, assist junior faculty members in progress toward tenure, help faculty in need of an opportunity to resurrect a long-term project, assist those in a transition from a service or teaching overload, use this opportunity as a recruitment or retention tool, or provide an opportunity for administrators to focus on their research.

Selection Process

Sponsoring universities establish their own internal selection process and communicate the name of the selected scholar to the NHC in early 2023. The Summer Residency Program typically reaches capacity and, therefore, institutional sponsors will be limited, at first, to sending one faculty member. If space remains, institutions will have the opportunity to send more than one scholar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


June 5–June 30, 2023


The cost of a summer residency is $7,500 and covers housing and shuttle service, the above-mentioned meals, a private study, and library and administrative support. Transportation between their home and the NHC is the responsibility of the Resident (or their institution).

The cost for scholars from Triangle-area (Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh) institutions is $3,750 and includes a private study, the above-mentioned meals, and library and administrative support. Residents are responsible for their own transportation to and from the NHC.


Please direct any questions to Karen Mudd, Scholarly Programs Manager.